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A selection of our recent cases

We have helped thousands of clients defend their reputation on a range of criminal matters from motoring offences through to high-profile fraud and murder cases. We handle cases in the Magistrates and Youth courts, Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

Here is a sample of our recently won cases:

International Money Laundering case involving a multi-count indictment. 
Five years investigation. Extensive and detailed covert evidence.  Twenty-two defendants resulting in two separate trials with 50,000 pages of evidence with a ten week trial in London for our client.

Historical Sexual allegations involving children.
Lengthy contested trial relating to numerous episodes and incidents from the past to be traced and introduced in evidence which required the defence to carry out substantial preparation and collating of crucial defence material with expert Counsel.

Rape investigation resulting in prosecution.
Lengthy trial involving expert medical and psychiatric evidence, resulting in extensive defence witness preparation prior to and during the trial process.

Mortgage Fraud involving substantial amounts of business money.
Instructing expert Forensic Accountants to assist in the defence to challenge the Crown’s assertions and to form the basis of the defence case.

Sexual allegations at a function involving serious complaints regarding behaviour. 
Extensive and lengthy interviews by the police combined with considerable preparation by the defence regarding potential defence witnesses and related material to assert the client’s positive position in the early interview stage.

VAT Fraud.
Involving a Company Director which was a prosecution involving substantial amounts of money requiring expert forensic evidence and other relevant material to challenge the Crown’s assertions.

GBH/Affray with Violence involving incident with weapons and furniture.
Requiring considerable expert evidence regarding CCTV examination and coverage, witness preparation and strategic advice which resulted in a positive outcome.

ABH/Affray allegation involving group incident with multiple defendants.
Extensive representation following charge as to whether the Prosecution should proceed after a considerable time resulting in the matter being withdrawn.

Numerous defendant murder trial at The Old Bailey.
Seven-handed ‘gang’ related revenge murder, resulting in a six-week case with complex forensic evidence and multiple experts. 

Multi-handed money laundering and confiscation proceedings.
Seven year investigation, case at The Old Bailey involving the importation and distribution of prohibited medicines, combined with international money laundering and confiscation. 

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